How companies can help Coco’s Foundation

Corporate support for Coco’s Foundation

Coco’s Foundation work in partnership with UK companies and organisations, both nationally and internationally, through our Build4TheFuture programme. We developed this innovative programme to help UK teenagers acquire a deeper understanding of themselves and the wider community around them, through fund raising and practical work in Africa building valuable homes.


Build4TheFuture – anything is possible

Our Build4TheFuture programme is designed to help young people to:

  • Appreciate and understand the world around them
  • Realise that “anything is possible” and
  • Equip them for the world of work.


Your company’s involvement

Coco’s Foundation (registered charity no. 1138100) offer your company team the opportunity to work with them to change both your local community and the international community whilst building a brighter future for young people in Africa.

We motivate and inspire your employees to develop and support local young people by helping them to engage fully in our international charitable projects. Not only do these partnerships help develop both the young people and your employees, but build strong relationships within your local business community.


To order the Gift Giving Box email Chris Connors


If you’d like to discover more about our work and how your company and team could become involved please email Chris Connors