Susana Cabrera Shoes

I have always wanted to get involved with helping those in need, especially families that unfortunately have the odds stacked against them simply due to the fact they are born into poverty. My issue was having the confidence and trust that my support would reach the hands of those in true need.

When I saw the amazing work, passion and dedication Chris Connors has put into Coco’s Foundation such as supporting families in South Africa and providing them with a much needed safe haven, I was immediately hooked. As a result of this I have pledged to support Cocos Foundation to provide children with schools shoes that are made by local artisans.

Supporting the community and children in need…

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The Ultra Challenge series for Coco’s

Fancy testing your limits whilst raising money for Coco’s Foundation?

For all adrenaline junkies or simply those that love an adventure why not try an Ultra Challenge. Operated by Action Challenge, they have different events based within the UK, push your boundaries and promise rewarding, inspiring and fun experiences along the way.

Action Challenge is a leading provider of adventure activities all over the globe and specialise in professionally run charity events. With an emphasis on quality, sustainability and team spirit, they provide life changing experiences, during which the well being of the participants is the top priority.

Whether you’re a ‘go the distance runner’ or ‘take in the scenery’ trekker, there is an experience to suit everyone.

Sign up to your chosen challenge by following on of the links below – just remember to select Coco’s Foundation as your chosen charity when registering.

UPDATE: Unfortunately all 2020 events have been cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. We are waiting for further notice on the 2021 challenges.

For more info visit the Ultra Challenge website or drop us a line.

Thank you and good luck!