CoCo’s Foundation Build4TheFuture

Our Build4TheFuture programme is designed to help young people (both in the UK and internationally) to understand the world around them.

To understand “anything is possible.”


Volunteer to help children in South Africa

Don’t just dream about volunteering to help children across the world, make it a reality with CoCo’s Foundation’s ‘Build4TheFuture’ programme.

Build4TheFuture provides homes and shelter for child-headed families in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa.

What do we mean by a child-headed family? Families where orphans are living on their own and without the love, guidance and support of parents.

In this region there are about 9,000 orphans.  Many of their parents have died from AIDS or related illnesses, and the children live in groups for safety. It is not unusual for 20 children to be living in one house.



This is where you can make a real difference to these orphans’ lives. Over the last two years we have taken 136 volunteers out to build 22 houses for 155 orphans. If you want to fulfil that dream of helping children in a poverty-stricken country, why not get in touch? All our volunteers say “volunteering with the Foundation is a life-changing experience.”

The trip includes your international and internal flights, food, 4×4 hire, bed and breakfast, a safari and a donation of £500 to the CoCo’s foundation which goes towards building a house for the child-headed family.

Get in touch today to learn how you can change your life as well as the lives of others by volunteering with the CoCo’s Foundation.

Jake Wetton “I realised in the UK I had opportunity and choice”

Olly Cavell “I never thought I could make such a difference to a family’s life.”