Farm Vision – God in Action in Uganda

Farm Vision – God in Action in Uganda

One man can make a difference to 101 children’s lives…

Who am I? My name is Mandela Salim Buluma from the of village of Bulidha in the Distict of Bugiri in Uganda.

My father was a local farmer and used to grow all the food for our family. He would always grow enough to give away to the local orphans and street children. Over time the numbers grew and soon we found ourselves with many more mouths to feed than we had food. My father gave me a good education and I believe it was God’s work to help me support my father. I made it my challenge to get noticed on Instagram to gain support for the now 101 children we now look after.

Our Vision, God willing, is to become independent and free from asking for donations all the time by purchasing land near our village to create a farm where we can teach the children many skills and sell the produce to build a dormitory for the children – somewhere safe and secure they can call home.

If you would like to donate to Mandela’s vision and make a difference…

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